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Thank You--From Online Digital Marketing MS Student

Hi Dr. Jordan,

Thank you so much for the conversation yesterday and for the incredible tactical advice!

It's amazing how much of a difference just knowing the key tips can make to one's confidence--I'm ready to dive back into my job search now!

Also, I wanted to offer you this reflection/testimony of my experience in your class if it might be useful to you in some way.

Tatia Jordan’s teaching is clearly inspired by a true love for the science and art of marketing. Her passion for the work is an amazing catalyst for creativity in adult learners. While the typical virtual classroom full of busy professionals working towards advanced degrees in their spare time can tend towards disengaged, Dr. Jordan sets a much higher standard, generating a tone of warmth and community from the get-go that results in lively discussions, free flowing questions, and a rich experience that confirms the importance and value of online instruction. ~AP, BA'94 Cornell

Again, I really appreciate you taking your time in the middle of a busy week after our class was over for the semester to help me on my journey.



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