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Thank you. Fall 2023

Updated: Mar 5

Dear Professor Tatia Jacobson Jordan,

Thank you for your invaluable guidance throughout the course on the ethics of digital

marketing and product liability. Your comprehensive approach to exploring the

complexities of consumer data trading, artificial intelligence's impact on behavior

prediction, and privacy concerns has been eye-opening. [...] I am grateful for your commitment to imparting knowledge and guiding us through these vital contemporary subjects. Thank you for your support and for instilling a profound sense of ethical responsibility in navigating the intricacies of digital marketing and consumer privacy. E.O.

Thank you, Dr. Jordan for being such an insightful and pleasant professor! I absolutely enjoyed the engaging, thought-provoking readings and assignments in your digital marketing course. Not only did I gain knowledge of the topics covered, but it fostered a desire to dive even deeper. S.J.

Dear Dr. Jordan: I just wanted to say thank you for this semester. I thought your master's course was really helpful. I had never thought of creating a website for myself, but that module especially was a good experience for me. K.T.

Hi Dr. Jordan: I learned so much from you this semester. I always appreciated how honest you were with your advice about life in the business world. I feel more confident going into business and I want to thank you for part of that [...] I will remember you as one of the best professors I've ever had. Thanks again! K.V.

Hello Dr. Jordan! I wanted to reach out and thank you for your support during my first semester in my master's program. I'm graduating in December but I would have likely quit due to stress had you not been there to help me. Thank you so much! J.F.

Dear Dr. Jordan: I LOVE your course so much! I am actually earning real world certificates that I can use for a future job application. This is really impactful! Sincerely, W.T.

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