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Spring 2023

Updated: Jan 23

Another amazing semester and some feedback from my students:

In my current role as a Social Media Marketing Coordinator, I will be able to take what I have learned from this course [...] and apply those foundational skills directly to my job. One of the biggest takeaways from this course was the creation of digital content and making sure [...] that we are strategically creating content.


All of the assignments and projects that I have created [...] are actual pieces of work that I can turn into my employer and implement in the workplace. They all showcase my talents and skills and have given me room to grow as a professional communicator, content creator, and individual.


In my JREM 516 digital content creation class, we just created a brand style guide a few weeks ago and that was something that I could take to my boss and say hey we created this [SIC] and we are now using it. So, everything that we are doing in our classes isn’t just something that I can turn in, it’s something that I can actually take to work and actually implement there. So that’s really cool.

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