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Spring 2023

Another amazing semester and some feedback from my students:

In my current role as a Social Media Marketing Coordinator, I will be able to take what I have learned from this course as well as my other courses and apply those foundational skills directly to my job. One of the biggest takeaways from this course was the creation of digital content and making sure that we’re not just creating content, but that we are strategically creating content. The Stukent simulation was one of my favorite parts of the course because it really helped me all around with content creation. All of these courses within the MS degree in Strategic and Digital Communications have prepared me with the skills needed to enhance my career. Regardless of if I remain with my current job or move on to something else, with this degree, I have set myself up to better market and network with other individuals and businesses.


All of the assignments and projects I have created during my time in this program so far are actual pieces of work that I can turn into my employer and implement in the workplace. They all showcase my talents and skills and have given me room to grow as a professional communicator, content creator, and individual.


I do a lot of social media, but we also do a lot of brand marketing, brand imaging. In my JREM 516 digital content creation class, we just created a brand style guide a few weeks ago and that was something that I could take to my boss and say hey we created this, and this is something that we are now using. So, everything that we are doing in our classes isn’t just something that I can turn in, it’s something that I can actually take to work and actually implement there. So that’s really cool.

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