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Letter of Support from my Graduated Student

My Name is M.G., I am an Alumnus from the University Of Texas at Arlington, I graduated with my Bachelor of Science in University Studies in December of 2020.

I have been in three of Dr. Tatia Jordan’s courses, (Business and Technical Writing (at TCC)), Business Communication, and Advanced Communications), and if I had the option, I would be in more of her courses. She teaches the material as well as teaches us how to apply the material to real world scenarios.

Dr. Jordan is phenomenal when she is communicating with her students. Her courses feel like we are having a conversation with a mentor. We are learning, giving and getting feedback, as well as asking questions. She is always there willing and wanting to help, as well as wanting to know how she can better impact our lives. She is here for the students, and their success.

Dr. Jordan always encourages us to be the best that we can be, and to be able to market ourselves better. She teaches us many tips and trick of how to improve our LinkedIn profile, as well as building our own personal website. This assignment taught me that I could build a website by putting my mind to it and show the world what I can do in my own way.

Dr. Jordan has shown me approaches to take when writing and presenting myself. I can say now that because of her I am more confident in my work. I am very grateful to have had Dr. Jordan as a professor.

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