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Thank you-Social Media Marketing Student

I have really enjoyed your social media marketing class and it has expanded my knowledge extensively on ways to manipulate and optimize social media platforms. Specifically, the majority of your assignments and the Stukent PowerPoints are incredibly informative on outside platforms to manage social media.

I have recommended various platforms mentioned throughout the chapters like Buzzsumo, and Hootsuite to my boss/team. I am also seeing that we will be getting certified in Hootsuite's dashboard, which I am very excited about.

Also, within the earlier chapters and simulations when it highlighted the importance of the time post are made public and types of content has helped me better understand other opportunities outside of the standard Instagram advertising and has help me learn how to better target certain demographics. I implemented a change in the times we scheduled post/ads and have seen an increase in engagements and leads all thanks to your class.

Currently we mostly use Facebook Business suite to manage majority of our scheduled posts, which I like the simplicity of it but its features feel very limited compared to Hootsuite. My team also loves hearing about what I learned about each week in this class haha!

Again, thank you so much Dr. Jordan.


S. M.

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