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Leadership Institute - Certification

Through our partnership, BB&T representatives came to UTA this semester for a two-night workshop with 50 UTA business students! Discussion centered around leadership, strengths and weaknesses, and goal-setting. Students who completed both sessions received a certficate from BB&T. Here are testimonials from students who attended this amazing event:

The leadership institute was very helpful. It was really interactive and taught be much more than just how to be a leader. The workshop taught me that there are a multitude of leadership styles that can be used to accomplish goals. This workshop showed me that every role in the group is important, not just the leader. I was sad when it ended, to be honest with you. R.O.

The leadership program was helpful. I figured out what type of leadership skills I have, what I need to develop, and what weaknesses I can turn into strengths. Moreover, it opened my eyes up to the different types of leadership skills you can possess. I really loved that in the end of the book they gave us a snapshot that summarized our strengths, what we needed to develop, what type of leaders we are, how it can be helpful in the interview process, and what it means to have this certificate. Thank you very much for giving me this opportunity! S.A.

The leadership institute helped me with my understanding of what being a leader is. It redefined leadership for me, and helped me realize the depth and complexity of being a leader. This certification also focused on strengths and weaknesses. Overall, this certification is great for my career and I am grateful. V.T.

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