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Interview with a Business Leader

Tatia Jordan Interviewed by D. O.


Q: What was your motivation to pursue higher education?

A: Higher education always seemed like the next step for me.I was always a good student, and when the time came to go to college, I would say societal influence was a big factor, as many of my friends were also going to college at the same time. When I decided to pursue my master’s degree in English, my motivation was to get more specific instruction so that I could specialize in marketing communications. I decided to pursue my PhD specifically so that I could be a professor.


Q: When deciding your career choice, were you influenced by money or passion?

A: My undergraduate degree was entirely influenced by potential to make money. My master’s and PhD degrees were entirely influenced by passion.


Q: What is your greatest strength?

A: My greatest strength is my ability to communicate and relate with others. My EQ is very high.


Q: What would be your greatest weakness?

A: My greatest weakness is that I am too independent. I have to remind myself to ask for help.


Q: What are the most important values you demonstrate as a leader?

A: I am a good leader because I demonstrate a servant mentality toward those that I work with. There’s no job too irrelevant for me to do in my career; I’m not afraid to get “dirty” so to speak.


Q: What leadership style do you use?

A: Lead by example.


Q: How would you deliver bad news to your team?

A: I follow the guidelines for delivering bad news: use a buffer, explain details, deliver the bad news, focus on the future, and create goodwill.


Q: What motivates you to be a leader?

A: I want to be a good leader to improve my environment and make it better.


Q: How do you lead through change?

A: I stay positive and focus on the future.


Q: How do you go about resolving conflict?

A: You have to face the conflict as soon as possible and not let it fester.


Q: What is the most significant change that you brought to an organization?

A: I always try to change programs for the better and make an impact. I would say in three years at UTA I have completely revamped the BCOM program, with help from the Dean’s office. We incorporated new, better, curriculum; we turned the BCOM program into more of a hands-on training program than a traditional classroom environment and it has been successful.


Q: What do you like about managing people?

A: I enjoy working with people and learning what makes them tick. I like working with people toward a common goal.


Q: What is the most important attribute of a negotiator?

A: The ability to understand people’s motivations.


Q: What is your favorite quote?

A: “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” Wayne Gretzsky

I used this quote long before it became famous on The Office.


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